Timothy A Nemeckay Utah UT

Timing is everything in business; there are two types of people, those that recognize the value of being at the right place at the right time and those that don’t.

Creating and driving the vision and getting others to buy into the vision and embrace the vision creates great companies.

“DRIVEN. If I had to capture myself in one word, that would be it. No matter what business or project I’m working on, I bring drive and vision.  Small business or huge business like Mine Shaft Brewing – it doesn’t matter. I see things others don’t see in themselves and the possibilities of a business and create a vision.  Seeing potential where others see tough times. When what’s needed is the drive, energy, vision and story telling. Push up people – and the potential is limitless.”

Tim Nemeckay

Timothy Nemeckay has a creative and transforming energy that inspires and draws talented people to want to be involved in projects. Over the last three decades of his life, through a variety of opportunities, Tim created environments and experiences that permanently inspire the individual and achieved great success.

His ability to build quality teams and bring people together and focus on the goals and vision of a business, Tim can redirect a company struggling to meet their objectives. He understands crowdfunding is an authority on private equity and has raised million dollars for his own companies and helped other companies in the private sector during the some of the worst years of national economic struggle 2008-2015. But his insight and abilities go far beyond the outcomes of securing capital. Through his unique ability to develop new and broadened mindsets, as well as to find paths to success, he renews belief, direction, drive, vision and excitement to start-ups and existing companies.

For Tim, it doesn’t matter the business or the objective. The task at hand is to motivate people to execute at their highest levels. At the core of any truly successful organization is drive, vision, and energy with an inspiring story, and an opportunity for others to believe in and join.

Tim’s successes were and continue to be built on the principles of talent executing at their absolute highest levels. To take an idea and determine to will it into existence, out of seemingly nothing, takes the right energy and the willingness to embrace change. And this is what most people find attractive. This is what most people want to be a part of.  What begins as nothing just an idea, and seemingly feels impossible, can be made possible with honest belief, transformative energy, and the right people.

Tim has used all of that to employ the highly-effective push people up effect, sharing with people who are charged to push up others. This massive influx of new energy and acceptance of change enlists a reaction, in which, as Tim says, “what appears to be chaos creates stability.” The energy moves from person to person, exciting them about a given idea through leadership, engagement, and inspiration.