“To say that Tim is a super pro would be an understatement. He brings an incredible level of polish to everything he does in a way that is inclusive, efficient and human. I have had the privilege of working with Tim on many occasions and am confident that he will be a valuable asset in any situation. In other words – this guy rocks”.


“Tim Nemeckay is a creative and highly-motivated professional who exceeds expectations and manages relationships with care. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Kelli Richards

Tim is one of the most solid, professional colleagues I’ve ever been privileged to work with. He’s always seeking to deliver high value and a win-win scenario in every opportunity he’s involved with. I always enjoy our interactions and business dealings and look forward to working closely with him for many years to come. I recommend his work highly.

Robert Nunez

Tim has great leadership skills and has an ambition of becoming extremely successful. He passes that passion, ambition, and downright fortitude to his clients and customers. Tim sees the value in everybody he meets and uses that skill to generate new business for not only himself, but his connections as well. He understands the importance of quality resources for use in reputation management. Tim is an individual with great product knowledge that sees an opportunity and goes after it.

Scott Jager

I have had the opportunity to work with and observe Tim throughout several different professional roles and settings. Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to all he does and differentiates himself from others by establishing a high level of trust, respect, and commitment to everyone he is involved with. The products and services that Tim represents become a direct reflection of all he is, as both a person and professional. I would encourage anyone who has the pleasure of meeting with Tim to seriously consider investing in our supporting the companies he is involved with. Thank you, Tim, for being a friend and trusted advisor.