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Great excerpts from Carmine’s article about Richard Brandson:

Richard Branson is an entrepreneur, billionaire, adventure and risk-taker. He’s also a storyteller, which he made clear in my recent conversation about his new book, Finding My Virginity.

“My dad was a great storyteller,” Branson told me in this video interview. “In his generation and the generations before him, they didn’t have television, so people would sit around a campfire listening to each other tell wonderful stories. Those stories got passed down.”

The campfire still plays a role in Branson’s success. Branson says he gathers his team around a campfire at his home on Necker Island to exchange ideas. “Storytelling drives change,” he says. But Branson doesn’t just like to tell a story. A natural storyteller, Branson knows a good story when he sees it. In his new autobiography, Branson writes about his successes and his failures, his triumphs and adversity. “If your life is one long success story, it won’t make for a good read,” Branson says.

In our conversation, Branson told me about an event in 1985 that taught him the difference between an average story and an inspiring one. To drum up publicity for his new airline, Virgin Atlantic, Branson tried to break the speed record in a boat across the Atlantic. After three-and-half days on the water, the powerboat got caught in a storm and sank two hundred miles from its destination. Branson and the crew were rescued by a banana boat on its way to Jamaica. Branson tried the following the year and broke the record. The publicity helped to put Branson’s airline on the map. The lesson Branson learned is that people identify with leaders and brands who push the limit, seek out adventure, try and fail, but brush themselves off to give it another go.

Carmine Gallo is a keynote speaker, communication advisor and bestselling author of The Storyteller’s Secret, now available in paperback.

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